AMC Key Issues: Constitutional Awareness

In authoring the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, our founding fathers promised future generations a society based on limited government and individual liberty. Since ratification of these amendments – which we collectively call the Bill of Rights – in 1791, we have enjoyed basic freedoms by virtue of being American citizens.   But […]

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AMC Key Issues: Economic Freedom

“What’s mine is yours” is a principle that, when exercised voluntarily, most recognize as foundational in strengthening relationships between neighbors and within communities. Yet oddly enough, when it comes to empowering the relationship between workers and consumers, the virtue of sharing becomes decidedly less obvious – and, in fact, even grounds for suspicion – to […]

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AMC Key Issues: Free Speech

Free speech is such an intuitive and fundamental right that it can often be taken for granted. Yet we find ourselves in an era in which the American university – the site of the free speech movement’s greatest triumphs – produces among its most suspicious and hostile adversaries. Whereas students were once quick to sacrifice comfort […]

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The Untapped Potential of PSAS

How often do you find public consensus on an important issue can be distilled down to a simple catchphrase? “This is your brain on drugs” …“People start pollution, people can stop it” … “Only you can prevent forest fires.” These are just a few of the mantras that, despite receding from the airwaves, have continued to reverberate from […]

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