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It’s a changing media landscape. Thanks to evolving digital platforms, anyone’s message has endless reach. This provides a great opportunity for pro-freedom advocates to connect with new audiences. That’s the opportunity we are ready to seize, but we need your help.


AMC specializes in building PSA campaigns that promote the power of free markets and a free society. That message can spread without limits, but only if we do it together.

Your support helps us attract the best creative talent and digital marketing tools to effectively create and market PSA campaigns promoting liberty principles. Your investment in AMC can mean new, positive messages reaching millions of Americans.

You can help us advance our mission.


Have a story you think needs to be told? Know of a hard-working entrepreneur, community leader or advocate who deserves a voice? We want to hear from you. We are always looking for the next great story that needs to be told and referrals for leads are extremely beneficial.

You can play a role in helping tell the next great story showing how the free market and American ingenuity are moving society forward.

Messaging Partners

We partner with nonprofit organizations that promote limited government, free markets, and individual liberty – at no cost to them – and work together as AMC builds a PSA campaign and distribution process, soup to nuts. We work with industry experts in creative, production and promotion to help our partner organizations create the best and most effective PSAs that will reach a widespread audience. Our partners get high-quality, free advertising to advance the principles we share. And we bring greater intellectual diversity to the PSA marketplace. Like all the best deals in life, this is a win-win.

Our Tools for Success

Public Service Announcements

AMC produces high-quality, compelling video PSAs for promotion online, primarily through our social media channels.

AMC’s PSAs and other original media will be available for download on the AMC website, and AMC Partners are encouraged to share them, free, with their members and supporters.

Campaign Websites

AMC’s PSAs will drive people to visit tailored campaign websites created by AMC. Here, the public will sign up to view curated information from AMC Partners and be linked to their websites.

Demographic Reports

To elevate our Partners, AMC will share key demographic information obtained through campaign websites to help increase their membership and support base.


To learn more about how to become a Messaging Partner and how American Media Council is amplifying personal freedom, please submit your information in the form below, and a member of our team will reach out to you directly.

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