There are two ways you can provide critical help in advancing our mission:

  1. Refer your favorite pro-liberty nonprofit organization as one of our Messaging Partners and help them get free radio advertising. We are always on the search for new, like-minded Partners and are eager to help expose more people to their message. If you work at such an organization, or know of one we should have on our radar, we’d love to hear from you! Please share our website with future Messaging Partners or contact us with your referrals at [email protected]
  2. Email and call radio stations. If you are an avid radio talk show listener and want to hear PSAs promoting freedom during your favorite show, give your local station a call or email them and let them know about American Media Council! We’ve heard from numerous station managers frustrated with the content offered by other PSA producers, and are excited to find out that we are here to help provide relevant content for their listeners. PSAs are available free to download here.