Messaging Partners

We partner with nonprofit organizations that promote limited government, free markets, and individual liberty – at no cost to them – and work together as AMC builds a PSA campaign and distribution process, soup to nuts. We work with industry experts in creative, production, and placement to help our partner organizations create the best and most effective PSAs—and get them on the air on radio stations across the nation. Our partners get high-quality, free advertising to advance their mission. And we bring greater intellectual diversity to the PSA marketplace. Like all the best deals in life, this is a win-win.

Our Tools for Success


AMC produces effective advocacy campaigns, beginning with radio Public Service Announcements and expanding into integrated, multimedia campaigns including video, web, and print media.


AMC’s PSAs and other original media will be available for download on the AMC website, and AMC Partners are encouraged to share them, free, with their members and supporters.


AMC’s PSAs will drive people to visit tailored campaign websites created by AMC. Here, the public will sign up to view curated information from AMC Partners and be linked to their websites.


To elevate our Partners, AMC will share key demographic information obtained through campaign websites to help increase their membership and support base.