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Lori Klein Corbin

Lori’s career spans nearly two decades of dedicated service to Arizonans and their rights.

Executive Director

Lori Klein Corbin is a dynamic leader and the current Executive Director of the American Media Council (AMC). In addition to her role at AMC, she serves as the President of Lori Klein & Associates, where her focus is on promoting cutting-edge technologies and strategies to raise funds for non-profit issue advocacy and limited government projects.

Promoting freedom of speech
Event organization
Defending constitutional rights
Defending freedom

She played a pivotal role in managing and passing voter initiatives aimed at protecting citizens. Notably, Lori served as the GOP National Committeewoman for Arizona from 2016 to 2020, winning re-election in 2020 with an overwhelming vote of 684 – 379. Her commitment extends to the national stage, where she serves on the Board of the RNC, contributing to the Election Integrity Committee and Rules Committee.

Elected to the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 6 in 2010, Lori served with distinction as a strong fiscal and social conservative. During her term, she introduced groundbreaking legislation to protect state sovereignty, end income tax, and empower parents in education choices. Her legacy includes authoring SB 1598, a landmark regulatory bill of rights to protect businesses from bureaucratic hurdles.

Lori’s conservative resume is extensive and impactful. She managed the Arizona campaign for Herman Cain for President in 2012, showcasing her strategic leadership. Lori orchestrated the Western Conservative Conference in 2016 and 2018, further solidifying her role in conservative advocacy.

Lori’s leadership extends to successful initiatives and campaigns. As the Executive Director and Spokesperson for Proposition 207 in 2006, she secured 65% of the vote, providing Arizona with the strongest private property rights in the nation. Additionally, Lori led the Health Care Freedom Act in 2010, safeguarding Arizonans from nationalized healthcare.

Lori’s national impact includes serving as the National Director of Development for Americans for Fair Taxation, where she assisted in raising over $10 million. Her involvement in Proposition 107 aimed to eliminate Arizona state income tax, making the state competitive in attracting business.

Lori’s career journey includes roles in Washington D.C., working for US Term Limits and The Washington Times, and contributing to the RNC’s Research division. She has represented free-market clients and principles, demonstrating a deep commitment to political and economic ideologies.

Lori Klein Corbin is married to Robert K. Corbin, former Arizona Attorney General and President of the NRA. With three sons, she balances her professional commitments with family life, showcasing her ability to excel in both arenas.

Lori Klein Corbin’s multifaceted career reflects a tireless commitment to conservative values, legislative impact, and advocacy for the people of Arizona. As the Executive Director of the American Media Council, she continues to bring her wealth of experience to the forefront of media and public discourse.