Truth In Journalism Pledge™

I hereby pledge to present only truth, to reject censorship and suppression of relevant facts, to issue corrections for misinformation I may have conveyed, and to oppose all media and government efforts to suppress Freedom of Speech.

The American Media Council™ is committed to getting every member of the nation’s news media to sign this Pledge.

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Truth In Journalism Pledge

Every member of America’s news media should sign!

News Media Trustworthy Rating

AMC’s national guide for which news sources to trust and which to doubt or permanently reject

Legion of Truth Crusaders 

AMC’s nationwide army of thousands of young media-savvy patriots who spot and correct fake news and censorship

Media Misinformation Minute 

Launching in early 2024, AMC’s series of short radio messages alert the public on the latest media hoaxes and who’s lying about what

Twelve Media Hoaxes Destroying America 

AMC President Floyd Brown’s latest book to expose the worst of the worst lies dividing our nation and destroying our Republic


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