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The Media Hoax Quiz

Let’s see how many of the media hoaxes you’ve bought into…

Do you believe the United States of America has fair elections?(Required)
Which parts of the COVID-19 response, if any, do you believe were inappropriate?(Required)
Do you believe the Joe Biden is guilty of corruption?(Required)
Do you believe Donald Trump is being treated fairly?(Required)
Do you believe the LGBTQ+ agenda is improving the lives of Americans?(Required)
Do you believe kids in school today are receiving the same or better level of education as their parents?(Required)
Is the southern border of the United States of America secure?(Required)
Do you believe gun control policies need to be enacted to protect the citizens of the United States of America?(Required)
Is it good for citizens of the United States of America to be proud of their citizenship?(Required)
Should America be considered a "Christian" nation?(Required)
Should rioters and looters be arrested?(Required)
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