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Our Inspiration

For many years, a small group of Baby Boomers and Generation-X listeners heard Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) pumped out by non-profit advocacy organizations and their willing allies aired on local talk radio stations. To their ears, it was meant to nudge people into doing what they wanted them to do, appealing to a collectivist mentality and victimhood status. In the process these PSA served to divide family, friends and neighbors and especially, our next generations, into tribes.

There were no counter-arguments to hear much less, to advocate for the rights enshrined in our founding documents—personal responsibility, success-oriented goals, support for family and church, and limited government of, by and for the people, dedicated to supporting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Over 90% of on-air hosts are independent, libertarian and conservative-oriented themselves. They had no idea that these messages – which countered their own freedom-oriented positions – were being embedded between their program segments.

Dialogue Over Division

Our History

Baby Boomers are of a generation that always listened to local radio; and still do. But they recognized that’s not the way Millennials and Gen-Z generations enjoy music or get their news. Early on, these “Nudge-Nudge” causes were noble; preventing forest fires, eliminating littering and buckling up for safety. But, over time, the messages began to isolate people into hyphenated groups, pitting Americans and the values that enable human flourishing against one another

Today, so-called Social Media platforms have taken over the delivery of information. Indeed, most news now is delivered via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube directly to smartphones. The old ‘Legacy Media’ has been replaced by the Internet. And “Fake News” has become the byword.

The impact on our society is and has been significant. While no one wants to admit to being indoctrinated, the progression of undermining our common values in our children is without question.

Our History

AMC Inception

With that in mind along with the acceleration of media’s impact, how, we, do we create positive messages to inspire people toward best choices rather than be inundated by ideological propaganda that undermines our very futures?

To rise to the question, we envisioned an independent non-partisan non-profit organization that would do just that: combine the power of short, creative messaging, engaging dialogue, and the ever-growing reach of the internet to counter the ideological propaganda filling our people’s minds. And to help multiply the efforts and impact of other non-profit organizations to be able to reach out to the American people.

The American Media Council was launched in 2018 as a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization to harness the passion and power of the American people’s voice to exercise their God-given, Constitutional rights of redress to right the wrongs inflicted upon the next generation.

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