About Us

Since 2018, American Media Council Inc. has used the tools of radio broadcasting and social media to promote freedom in all forms.

By harnessing modern media tools – radio, internet, television and print media – AMC generates awareness around issues that most affect personal freedom. As media outlets grow more polarized and polarizing, individuals face an ever-growing challenge to make sense of conflicting ideas and viewpoints. AMC injects a dose of clarity into this era of discord, cutting through public airwaves to deliver engaging, memorable, and actionable Public Service Announcements (PSAs) with which all Americans can relate – regardless of their political tribe.

While it’s little wonder why publicly funded PSAs so often point us in the direction of public institutions for answers, many of us understand there’s little value looking to the cause of our problems for solutions to them.

That’s why AMC offers an alternative – shining a light on individual freedom as the key ingredient for a flourishing society.

What We Do

A private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, American Media Council, Inc., partners with organizations across the United States – our “Messaging Partners” – to create PSAs that promote the empowerment of the individual. AMC counters the dreary fog of bureaucracy with the vigor of individual liberty and spark of free-market ingenuity.

With messages like these, AMC delivers enlightening PSAs that break through media siloes – and into the public imagination.

Through Public Service Advertising campaigns:

  • We educate the nation with engaging, memorable messaging that put a spotlight on important issues in the public interest.
  • We embolden a national audience to take steps that will improve their lives and their communities by providing calls to action and dedicated websites per issue.
  • We amplify the efforts of our Messaging Partners by distributing PSAs through free media donated to nonprofits.


Pagona has focused her career helping grow nonprofits. Dedicated to increasing personal freedom for everyone, she co-founded American Media Council to break through media siloes and share the principles of a free society with a diverse audience. Before joining AMC, Pagona was the Executive Director for Ladies of Liberty Alliance and spent over a decade at the Pacific Legal Foundation as Sr. Paralegal of Constitutional Law and director of numerous outreach and educational programs which focused on economic liberty, private property rights, and freedom of speech and expression.

As an active participant in the Hellenic community, she combines her passions by serving on the International Advisory Board of the Center for Liberal Studies-Markos Dragoumis, in Athens, Greece, an Atlas Network partner, and as a Board Member of the Politismos Museum of Greek History, and leader within the Pancretan Association of America.

Pagona resides in California, her home state.


Contact Info
Pagona Stratoudakis, e-mail her here.

Typical response time: less than one business day

Press Releases

Check back for upcoming press releases, or contact us to be added to our media list.

Fast Facts

  • American Media Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • AMC was founded in 2018.
  • Our Messaging Partners are nonprofit organizations that promote limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. At no cost to them, we work together as AMC builds a PSA campaign and distribution process.
  • We amplify the efforts of our Messaging Partners by distributing PSAs through free media donated to nonprofits.

Advisory Board

We are honored to have on our expanding Advisory Council:

  • David Nott, President, Reason Foundation
  • Timothy Sandefur, Vice President of Litigation, Goldwater Institute
  • Joseph Scribbins, Director, Koch Equity Division
  • Joe Getty, Radio Host, Armstrong & Getty Show