Destroy the lying media before they destroy America!

About AMC

Americans’ distrust of the fake news media is reaching record levels. Only used car salesmen, telemarketers, and members of Congress are trusted less. NOW is the time take them all down!

“How do I get my country back?”

This sad question is now being asked by millions of Americans.

The greatest nation on earth arrived at this sorry state through a long, patient, deliberate strategy by the enemies not just of America, but of truth itself.

Their mission is to keep Americans fooled and ignorant. Their tools are lies and censorship.

And their power is concentrated in the lying fake news media.

The enemies of America would have no power without their allies in the press.  That is why the American Media Council’s (AMC) mission for 2024 is:

Destroy America’s lying news media before they destroy America.

AMC’s Approach

Ask every journalist, reporter, and social media influencer in America to sign and date AMC’s Truth In Journalism Pledge

Monitor if they spread TRUTH or LIES 

Rate news sources based on a selection of national news stories

Publish the book, Twelve Media Hoaxes Destroying America

Enlist a nationwide army of media-savvy Legion of Truth Crusaders