Literal Or Illiterate?

Media Hoaxes

Media’s lame duck attack on Trump

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” – Joseph Goebbels

Mainstream Media’s Propaganda Matrix is GASLIGHTING the use of ‘Bloodbath’ by Trump with Fake News! Of course, there are hundreds of examples of wacky-doodle leftys and Mainstream Media who have used the term for years about other issues in exactly the same way. Hypocrites and liars all.

Take for example, the left-wing David Pakman podcast which called Fox News firing Tucker Carlson back in 2023, a “Bloodbath”. See it here on YouTube: His followers said this was terrible… FOX should have fired Tucker a decade before!

It gets better, or worse depending on your point of view. Biden has used the term many times over the years. In March 2020, as the contest was narrowing around the former vice president and progressive Democrat, Biden warned against the primary campaign becoming an internal “bloodbath” between Democrats which could have weakened the party and allowed Trump to win. Gasp: A BLOODBATH”!